Clearing Negative Energy To Improve Your Life

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May 20, 2017
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Negativity impacts ourselves and everyone around us. Negative energy can have a vast emotional and psychological effect on you. It limits your potential to achieve other things in life. Some individuals are overwhelming positive while others lean towards negativity. If you are a very sensitive empath, being around negative people can bring you a huge damage. If you wish to get rid of negative energy, begin by taking full responsibility for your thoughts. You have unlimited potential within you to spread positivity, change your life and enhance your reality.

Clutter is one of the major reasons when it comes to blocked energy in your house, so it’s good to get rid of stuff you don’t utilize regularly. If possible, play some music while cleaning up, playing high vibration music can enhance your own energy and it does the same for spaces. Plants are a great filter for negative energy too. If you feel that your house is not a peaceful place, ensure that each room you spend time in your home has at least one plant. Sea salt can be utilized to neutralize the atmosphere. Sprinkle sea salt in various areas inside the home and use salt water around the outside walls of your house. This will help to seal your house against negative energies. It’s very important to visualize or believe a calm and peaceful home. If you focus on negativity only, then that is what you will receive.

You might be carrying negative energy in your body. In a way to cleanse yourself, practicing breathing exercises will help you to wash out negative energy, as they will enhance the level of oxygen in your system, and that will increase your energy levels and your mood as a result. Physical exercises not only helps you to feel energetic and it’s also a good way to vanish negative energy that could be dragging you down or making you anxious.

It’s very important to set a strong intention to dissipate all unwanted energy. Your intentions have enormous power. When you are in a situation with the feel that the amount of negative energy around you, needs to be  diminished as soon as possible, develop the intention to be free of negativity and say it out loud. Visualize the space within you and around you filled with a healing, protective and positive light. This light will be a shield against the negative energy and dark forces. Always try to have a positive mind and ask your spirit guides to bless you with the powerful positive energy in your prayers. Focus on what you want, because good energy is contagious. To attract positive things in your life, you have to begin by giving off positive energy.

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