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Once in a while, there are times when we have questions in our mind that we are unable to answer ourselves. We want in-depth, honest, unbiased answers to our most squeezing circumstances.

Experience a feeling of spiritual clarity; connect with your own individual voice & the genuine purposes of your heart.
I offer a range of services & sessions.

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Who we are

Welcome to the Intuitive world of Rocky's Psychic Reading & Spiritual Coaching. No matter what the circumstance for you being brought here, I believe that we are connected together by the universe. If you are seeking a psychic reading, or spiritual coaching you can find it here.
I aim to offer you information, inspiration, or some well-deserved time out simply browsing around my site. I am practical, genuine, & down-to-earth & personally understand the real life realities. I can help as every session I provide is individual & particular to YOU.


Psychic readings by Rocky’s Psychic Readings in Atlanta, GA. A Psychic/Medium able to help with Love, Career, and Life questions through palm reading. The first 5 minutes are free and afterward is the default charge.